erectile dysfunction and impotence

What is Erectile Dysfunction (ED) or Impotence? Differences and Causes

What is the main cause of erectile dysfunction?

Have you suffered from erectile dysfunction before? You probably have, if you have consistently suffered from an inability to sustain an erection. For the healthy ones among us, it looks only natural, full erection every time we are aroused. This does not happen among people with ED. Please note that ED and impotence are two sides of the same coin and can be used interchangeably.

ED problems

The problem of ED has been a persistent thorn in the skin among the male species. It kills romance and has been blamed for divorce and separation across the world. People who are old or suffering from various ailments such as diabetes mellitus are most susceptible. The reason for the latter is due to what we would call neuropathy.

If you are the kind of men who abuse some anti-depressants, you have a heightened risk of suffering from this condition. The SSRIs are not recommended for use unless with the leave of the doctor. Self-prescription has been on the rise among men with persistent depressive disorders. The result is that they have to cope with some serious consequences.

Neurogenic disorders have variously been known to cause ED. These are the neuropathic conditions that we have mentioned above. To treat the ED, the first thing that we would have to do is first to address the neuropathy.

The psychological causes of ED are many and varied. If you are stressed as a man, you will not be able to perform. Blood does not flow to the penis and you are therefore not able to attain an erection.

what is impotence

Performance anxiety is a well-known cause of impotence. Men have no confidence to engage in sexual intercourse because they are not sure that they will satisfy their girlfriends. The result is that they end up withdrawing or being clumsy in bed.

It should be well understood that these men may have so physical problems with their penises. The whole thing is purely psychological.

 A mental disorder could seriously impact your ability to successfully engage in sexual intercourse. For such sufferers, the ED is a constant problem. The brain is the biggest sexual organ and therefore, if you have a mental problem, you will not be able to perform in bed.

A surgical operation on the male reproductive organ or one that touches on the reproductive system could potentially affect your sexual performance. One would ordinarily regain their sexual prowess at a later date while in some cases; the problem could end up being permanent.

Kidney failure and aging are the other main reasons for ED. Vascular problems due to continued cycling should also be included.

Please note that these are the main ones. There could also be many other causes that may not be well known.

If you suspect that you have ED, you should be checked at the nearest fertility clinic where a diagnosis would be made first.