Vigrx Plus™ – Dosage, Results, Price, How to Use

VigRX Plus Testimonials, User Reviews and Results

I have been following up on what reviewers are saying about VigRX Plus. The truth of the matter is that...
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VigRX Plus Testimonials, User Reviews and Results

How To Use VigRX Plus – My Review And Results

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How To Use VigRX Plus – My Review And Results

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VigRX Plus User Review

When we talk about VigRX Plus, there is so much to say about it. To begin with, this is a natural supplement that is made to solve erection issues. There are 4 areas on which this product scores very highly. The first one is on effectiveness. Out of the so many drugs in retail outlets online, this perhaps the only drug that we can say without any doubt that it works.

The VigRX Plus gets a 5 out 5 in the star rating based on the reviews by the users. The second one is on erection quality, where majority of the reviews show that users did actually achieved stronger, longer and faster erections.

The penis size has been an issue for a long time now. Many men consider themselves to be average sized. Those who used the drug admit to the fact that it indeed help to increase the size and girth of the penis.

The third one is on cost. One would expect such a high performance natural supplement to be extremely expensive. However, you will find that is reasonably priced.

Lastly, I must commend the manufacturer of the product because there is a lot of goodwill on the product in terms of the support. If you have any issues, they are readily available online to help you. You will be provided with all the information that you need and if you are not happy with the results, there is a full money back refund.

Success rate

I would give the success rate of the VigRX Plus to around 90%. To substantiate my claim, I used the following yardsticks:

Increase in libido

Low libido is a common problem in men in middle age. When you age, the sex drive goes down. At that age, your wife’s sex needs are on the rise. If you are not able to match it, then you will be in a big marital problem. This drug comes to your rescue at your hour of need. This has everything

to do with the fact that it is formulated using very powerful ingredients. Taking it for few weeks will literary set you on fire?

Premature ejaculations

New partners, anxiety, aging and delayed ejaculations are some of the reasons why people suffer from premature ejaculations. For such people, lasting even for 2 minutes is a miracle. Through the intervention of VigRX Plus, you can be sure that you will hold on for longer and that your girlfriend will reach orgasm.

Poor erection

If you have weak erections, something is not just wrong but terribly wrong. It is supposed to rock hard, firm, straight and should last for long. Due to physical, mental and psychological reasons, it is not always possible to have a hard erection for long. Hard is one thing; you also need a strong one that enables penetration. It is only such powerful medications as this one will you being able to achieve the erection that is sufficient.

Penis size

As we noted above, some men have issues with the sizes of their members in length and girth. While is often argued that you cannot alter the size of the penis, it all depends on what you are using. The users of this natural supplement admit in the reviews and testimonials that they have indeed been able to increase the sizes of their members by up to 1 inch.

Do the VigRX Plus ingredients react with the body?

Cuscuta seed extracts, Asian Red Ginseng, saw palmetto, ginkgo Biloba among others are some of the natural herbal extracts which are used in the making of the drug. People do not react the same to all these ingredients and this could explain why we have cases of headaches and some other fewer side effects. Individual results may vary that’s why some customers see VigRX Plus results after 1 month and other a little longer.

How does VigRX Plus really work?

It is important to have a full understanding on exactly how this supplement works. The first thing that you need to appreciate is the fact that the erection of the penis is controlled by flow of blood which enters some spongy bodies encasing your phallus. If the spongy tissues are few and the blood is also hindered, you will have weak to no erection at all.

If you remove this obstruction and the blood drains fast in the tissues, the penis erects hard and appears hard. For some people, this is a temporary thing because sooner rather than later, the flow of blood is obstructed.

The cure for this problem lies in use of this drug because it is an aphrodisiac and once you start taking 2 pills daily for a few weeks, it will cease being a temporary problem and instead, it will be a permanent solution.


In order to achieve the desired results, you will need to take the appropriate number of pills daily for a determinate period of time. It is recommended that you take 2 pills daily for the next 120 days or rather, 3-4 months.

If you are steadfast on this you will be surprised at how fast the results will come. You are not supposed to exceed 4 pills with 24 hours. The ideal way is to take one in the morning and the other in the evening. Alternatively, you can just take both at once and then wait for 24 hours before taking the next two. Spacing really matters because it affects efficacy.

Are their side effects of VigRX Plus?

There are no known side effects of this drug. Perhaps you will hear a complaint here and a complaint there of headache but this is really not a serious one since you will only need to take a cup of water after swallowing the pills and the feeling would be gone. The reason why we don’t really expect any side effects is that the drug is entirely made from natural ingredients.


The product is not expensive as one might think. In fact you stand to benefit immensely from the various discount offered on the product. The following are the various pricing options that you might opt to exploit to your advantage:

One month supply

1 month pack

If you order for a one month supply, you will pay around $76.99 or approximately $77. If you order per month, you will pay the same amount but of course this would be more expensive. By comparison, with each increase in order for a longer time, you save huge.

The huge discounts offer to encourage you to buy more in wholesale but a cheaper price.

What is my opinion on VigRX Plus?

Well, am a past user of this natural remedy and can actually confirm that indeed it works.

I suffered from serious erection problems and my marriage was on the mend. I tried various remedies but the solutions were short lived. Eventually, a colleague advised me to try it and once I used it, I immediately knew that I had stumbled on something that I had been missing for a long time.

Blood would easily flow to my penis, erections were harder and I could hold longer than previous. I can’t regret using it; if I did, I wouldn’t be sharing this review with you. My problems were solved once and for all. I have not relapsed for the last few months and I think am all set for an adventure in the bedroom.

My only misgivings (and this I say as a matter of fact way) is that the price should have been made a little lower since for some people, this would mean taking the pills for a whole 4 months. That’s more that ¼ of a year. The financial aspect could you hold you back from achieving this dream. This is subjective though, since you should always be ready to pay a small price for your sexual well-being. In any case, how much more would you pay for your emotional breakdown and a marriage in tatters?

VigRX Plus testimonials

This drug needs to be qualified by other user reviews. This would greatly help shape the testimonials of people like me, who take the heavy burden of bearing the truth on the efficacy of the product. At the time of writing this review, I had sampled various VigRX Plus testimonials (both positive and negative) and I must admit that they have considerably shaped the general opinion in this review.

Most reviews dwell on the efficacy. Majority are of the testimonials that the product is up to the standard and that it works fast for a small dose. This is a great achievement, given the fact that for most of the drugs, you would have to buy several pills and use for longer to see any tangible results.

One user that had a blood problem which couldn’t flow to his penis efficiently. Get a strong erection was impossible. After using VigRX Plus for a few weeks, there was a tremendous improvement in the flow of blood to the extent that he could attain his erection easier and faster.

The other person commented on the small penis size and how this affected his self confidence. After using the drug for a few weeks, the penis size appeared larger with every erection. He said he couldn’t remember how long the penis was previously but that he believed that it elongated by up to 1 inch. This is not the kind of gimmick that you read on some promotional sites.

vigrx plus pills

How to use VigRX Plus

It is really simple and has already been explained above. The dose is very important since it determines how soon you start seeing results. If you don’t see any results within the first few weeks after starting to use it, do not drop from taking. This is a natural product and unlike some brands like Viagra, the results do not show up just like that. In fact one way to tell that you are using a natural product is the progression of events. There is the use, the waiting and the results. The synthetic ones are short-lived. They would definitely break your heart when you revert to your former problems when you stop taking it. As for the natural products like this one, you will easily notice that the VigRX Plus results permanent.

Why I recommend this product

I have no misgivings at all over my opinion on this product. As I have already stated, I have used it and therefore, this is not second hand information that am relying on. My claims can this be substantiated.

What will be the benefits?

We have already seen them but it would be fair to emphasis them here once more.

Erection problems will become a problem of the past since there will be a smoother flow of blood. Not only that, you will be able to sustain your erection for longer. A harder, firmer erection will be guaranteed and therefore, you will be to enjoy penetrative sex.

What else should you do?

When you buy your package, just follow the instruction inside. Exercise is vital for better sex. Use it to augment your intake of the supplements. A penis exercise program will prove very useful and especially if you want to grow by a few inches.


I highly recommend the VigRX Plus for anyone with sex problems.

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